25-09-2020, 08:30
Nikol Pashinyan signed a decision on approving the list of measures to ensure the implementation of the Law on Making Amendments to the Law on State Benefits: "According to the Government of the Republic of Armenia April 2004

Point 1 of the decision N 541-N of 8:

To approve HO-340-N of June 25, 2020 "On Making Amendments to the Law on State Benefits"

The list of measures to ensure the implementation of the law, according to the appendix, "the decision reads.
25-09-2020, 08:28
In Yerevan, a 43-year-old man strangled a pregnant woman and threw her off the balcony. He and his wife threw his clothes and documents in a bag.

He also went down the stairs, stood next to the body of the crushed woman, smoked as a spectator, and left… He was the woman's husband, the father of her unborn child…
25-09-2020, 08:24
Ladies and gentlemen, be careful, in recent days the Azerbaijani propaganda is in the phase of forcing activity. The field was flooded with such false documents and false news. Be careful not to spread such things. I'm sure many of you have applied to the company in recent days, sending fake letters, constantly trying to break the page, etc.
25-09-2020, 08:22
15-year-old girl cries blood և Doctors still can't find out the cause (photos)
15-year-old Doris' health deteriorated on September 12, when his mother, Juliana, took him to a hospital in Sao Paulo, UOL reports.

Initially, the girl complained of stomach pains. Doctors diagnosed kidney stones. He was prescribed painkillers and sent home. The next day, blood began to flow from the girl's left eye. The doctors could not find out the cause of the symptom and expelled him from the hospital.

"My daughter took a number of tests, but they could not find any problems. The doctors sent him home, and we returned at dawn on Monday. We will do everything that the doctors demand. "We need to find out what is really going on," said the girl's mother.
25-09-2020, 08:09
A 15-year-old student stabbed a classmate in one of Yerevan schools
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, yesterday, on September 24, a stabbing took place in Yerevan. At around 15:20, the Arabkir Police Department received a call from the Arabkir Medical Center that a boy with a diagnosis of "cut wound in the middle third of the right thigh, upper third of the left thigh, left side of the back" had been taken to them.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports. The operative group of the Arabkir police department headed by the head of the department Armen Vatyan, the head of the duty unit Khachatryan and the senior investigator of the investigation department Torosyan left for the hospital.

The doctors at the hospital informed the police that the wounded man was not able to explain what had happened.
25-09-2020, 08:06
The RA Ministry of Health informs. "As of 11:00 on September 25, a total of 48,643 cases of coronavirus disease have been confirmed, of which 43,401 have recovered and 947 have died. 4002 patients are currently receiving coronavirus treatment. A total of 276077 tests were performed.

Thus, 3842 tests were performed yesterday, from which 392 new cases of coronavirus disease were confirmed. We have 135 healthy.

Regarding the deaths, we report that the patients were men aged 73 և 84 years. The latter had accompanying chronic diseases.

The previous day, there was one case of death when a patient was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, but died of another illness. The total number of such cases is 293. "
25-09-2020, 08:04
The document on evacuating the residents is an Azerbaijani forgery. Artsakh NSS
The National Security Service of the Artsakh Republic, taking into account the public interest in the document "On the evacuation of the people of Artsakh" published on social networks, considers it necessary to inform that the Azerbaijani special services are actively spreading misinformation again. Attempts are being made because the mentioned document is false.
"The mentioned circumstance once again proves that the Azerbaijani side is trying to cause panic among the Armenian society with cheap means.
25-09-2020, 04:57
"Zhamanak" newspaper writes. "PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan is psychologically ready for arrest. According to the PAP members, he is already giving instructions to the team members on who should do what during his arrest. "Tsarukyan thinks that his detention cannot last for at least 2-4 months." More details in today's issue of the newspaper.
25-09-2020, 04:54
An interdepartmental working group headed by RA Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan has been set up to coordinate the preparations for the October 9, 2020 sitting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council in Yerevan. "168 Zham" wrote yesterday that Russian Prime Minister Mishustin may also be present at the rally, who expressed a desire to meet with his old friend Gagik Khachatryan, who is in prison, and this was considered the main precondition for Mishustin's presence. We tried to get an official comment from Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan's office. First we talked to the Deputy Prime Minister's Assistant Arsen Manukyan, who said that he is not authorized to answer such questions, he is also not aware ․ He suggested asking the question to the head of the Deputy Prime Minister's Office Sedrak Barseghyan. He also refused to answer, offering to apply to the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a joke". The head of the service from the protocol Vahe Hakobyan said ․ "Make a written inquiry to the Public Relations Department or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs"
25-09-2020, 04:41
"Irates" newspaper writes. "They say that the dissatisfaction of the ANC members has increased a lot from Pashinyan, and in particular the people who have crawled in this government, but are with Ter-Petrosyan forever through the portal wire.

They are dissatisfied not only with the decisions and steps in different spheres, but also with Pashinyan's attitude towards them. "It is said that Pashinyan, a former congressman who recently won the title of Ter-Petrosyan's son-in-law, expresses his negative attitude towards the ANC members and their close circles, which, of course, does not go unanswered in that party."