24-10-2019, 07:03
Zhoghovurd daily writes: “There have been heated debates for several days over how former NA Speaker Ara Babloyan and Deputy Chief of Staff Arsen Babayan have come under the spotlight of law enforcement.

Zhoghovurd daily has exclusive information on this case. According to our sources, former SIS chief Ruzanna Arzumanyan testified to the SIS investigators about the differences in dates, after which law enforcement officers searched the applications of the NA general computers, in particular the Malber electronic system, to check the entries and exits, that is to say, the exits. have verified the credibility of Arzumanyan's testimony.
24-10-2019, 06:53
The note is dated October 22, 2019 and is addressed to RA Minister of Defense David Tonoyan. The document states that the tender for the Russian company ORSIS was rejected as unfounded.

YEREVAN, October 24 - Sputnik. Russia will send a note of protest to the failure of arms supply to Armenia. It is reported by RIA Novosti, citing the document available to the editorial office.

Armenia and Russia will develop cooperation in the field of biological security
The note is dated October 22, 2019 and is addressed to RA Minister of Defense David Tonoyan. The document says that the tender for the Russian company ORSIS was unjustly rejected. The note notes that the Armenian party included the company on a list of unscrupulous suppliers without any grounds. Russia asks Tonoyan to clarify the situation.

The agency notes that the note is currently in the Russian Foreign Ministry. It will soon reach Yerevan via diplomatic channels.

According to the agency, the matter concerns a multi-million dollar arms supply tender that was to take place this summer. The Armenian Ministry of Defense has rejected ORSIS's bid to refuse to pay the bank guarantee. A criminal case has been initiated (negligent treatment of the service), which is being investigated by the RA Investigation Committee.

ORSIS is part of the Prometecology group and specializes in the supply and sale of firearms, bullets and special optics.

Sputnik Armenia contacted Artsrun Hovhannisyan, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. He noted that the MoD has no comment on the matter.
24-10-2019, 06:41
Another judge yelled, under Nicol's wall, and with Nicol's score.

There is no judicial system in Armenia, but all judges are losers under Nicole's wall. You don't have the honor of a judge, we realized, don't you have the honor of a man?

Nicole Pashinyan, start counting. Those disgruntled judges will be hiding under the walls of someone else tomorrow and will appear with you in correctional labor colonies.

Anahit Mutafyan's Facebook page
24-10-2019, 06:26
It is already 5 days since the military unit N of the RA Ministry of Defense located in Kapan city of Syunik marz has left the military unit voluntarily and there is no information about it yet.
SHAMSHYAN.com reports a relative of Knarik, a soldier who voluntarily left the military unit. G. asking to help find their soldier's son; “Our son has been a minister for 9 months, he has never had any dissatisfaction with the service. The child left the unit voluntarily for 5 days and left the area. "

According to the relative, the family members of Vanadzor and the Yerevan Military Police, as well as other law enforcement agencies, have been in daily contact with family members, who have said for several days that they have no news of the soldier's whereabouts. not to fall into the trap and get lost.
24-10-2019, 06:20
Zhamanak daily writes: According to Zhamanak daily, the former chief of JACES, Major-General Mihran Poghosyan, who fled Armenia and sought asylum from the Russian authorities after his criminal case is currently in Glendale, USA. It is not yet known how the Major General in the US appeared to be wanted, but it is clear that the task of law enforcement is increasingly difficult to detect and return to Armenia.

It should be reminded that Poghosyan was charged with using his official position to steal property and abusing his official powers in a large way, which caused grave consequences. "
24-10-2019, 06:11
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page: "I am pleased to note that the agreements reached in Sochi on Syria also refer to issues relating to the security of the Syrian-Armenians and which I had discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This underscores the strategic-allied nature of Armenian-Russian relations. We continue to follow developments in Syria, continue our humanitarian mission and our support to the civilian population. "
24-10-2019, 05:58
Zhamanak daily writes: “Vazgen Manukyan, Chairman of the Public Council, is likely to resign. Such a decision may be conditioned by the fact that Manukyan has long been in opposition to criticizing the authorities' policies.

It is true that the Public Council and its president do not have to agree with the authorities in everything, but public opinion and opposition activities are different things. "
24-10-2019, 05:53
"Fact" daily writes: "Despite harsh criticism from former opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan over the issue of" pedestrians "in service cars, the issue in" new Armenia "seems to be no longer relevant because it is likely that those" pedestrians "are serving the people instead of bosses.

The number of service cars is not only not decreasing but also increasing regularly.

According to the newspaper "Fact", applications have been increased in the government with the request to update the car park, purchase new cars and increase the number.

The heads of departments hope to get new, more luxurious cars on next year's budget.

Well, in terms of luxury, Prime Minister Pashinyan is not lagging behind.
24-10-2019, 05:48
Hussein Yeremeshev, a Kazakh from Kazakhstan, won $ 1 million at a lottery in Dubai, but did not win. Gulf News reports.

According to the organizers, they are unable to reach the winner who has obtained the winning ticket online.

It is reported that another winning Indian businessman has decided to share his winnings with a partner who has paid half of the winning ticket price.
24-10-2019, 05:40
Zhamanak daily writes: “In one of our previous publications we were informed that the former leader of the Rule of Law Party Arthur Baghdasaryan was selling his assets. Our source did not rule out that the intense sale of his property by Arthur Baghdasaryan has recently been linked to the illicit enrichment or corruption cases of former Minister of Transport, former Orinats Yerkir member Gurgen Sargsyan.

According to our source, Gurgen Sargsyan made huge money from business registration, mandatory re-registration, and other transactions during the period of being the head of the state registry in the Kocharian era. We were told that Sargsyan was selling the charter of the LLC to the state registry rooms for $ 100- $ 500, depending on how fast the applicant needed it. His political leader was also left out of the "profits" and various deals. "