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26-09-2020, 18:12
Wonderful singer Martin Mkrtchyan is also a wonderful father.

Martin and his wife Hripsime were hosted at the private house of "Amaras" head Vika Martirosyan in Nork.

During the wonderful entertainment the children had fun, and for a moment they arrested Martin.

Mkrtchyan was in serious trouble ․ He was kneeling on the ground under serious and terrifying threats.

A weapon was placed on the singer's head. Martin was really in a nightmare ․ The feelings testified to that.

Let's not forget that Martin Mkrtchyan was a wonderful artist, the whole performance was made to entertain the children.

He was arrested by his son Loe, and Vika's son was kinder and controlled the situation from a distance.

The weapon was also very serious, armed with water bullets.
26-09-2020, 18:00
Sasna Tsrer group member Pavlik Manukyan published one of Nikol Pashinyan's speeches on his Facebook page, to which he wrote: "Whoever knows this boy, I promise a reward."
26-09-2020, 17:34
A car accident took place today near the beach not far from Fokino town. The driver of the truck did not notice that the Honda CR-V in front of him started to brake, and to avoid a collision, he went to the opposite lane, where he ran over the children who had crossed the road. Ntv.ru writes about this.

A girl appeared under the wheels of the truck, who died on the spot. The other two, according to eyewitnesses, were in critical condition in hospital.
26-09-2020, 17:12
Russian show business gays who carefully hide their sexual orientation
26-09-2020, 17:09
It is interesting that Ioannisyan years ago
26-09-2020, 17:08
Daniel Ioannisyan, who is advancing the theses of the government propaganda machine, once again connected the public welfare with the arrest of Gagik Tsarukyan ․ "Yes, by arresting Tsarukyan, the condition of the people will improve, the social, economic situation will improve, salaries will increase, etc ...," Ioannisyan wrote.

It is interesting that years ago, when Ioannisyan was receiving financial support from the charitable foundation founded by the PAP leader, he was not of the same conviction, moreover, he and his family (he and his mother) went to the PAP office to thank Gagik Tsarukyan ․ "I want to thank the Gagik Tsarukyan Foundation for implementing this initiative," said Ioannisyan's mother, next to whom her son is sitting.

By the way, it is interesting that Ioannisyan reminds different people at different times about receiving money from the Soros Foundation, criticizing them for criticizing the Soros Foundation after taking their money. In short, Ioannisyan is against when a person denies the one who reaches out to him.

The situation in Armenia is really worrying. If we describe it in an allegorical way, it will turn out that we live in the time of "eating and denying Kurdish dogs"; any good deed must definitely get its bad answer.
26-09-2020, 16:28
Finally good news. Regular Yerevan-Moscow flights resume
26-09-2020, 16:13
Those who do not take the cash register receipt will also be punished
26-09-2020, 16:12
Atletico newcomer Luis Suarez addresses Madrid fans with video message ․

"I am happy to welcome all Atletico fans. I arrived at the club and immediately tried on the new T-shirt. I am very happy for the opportunity to play and enjoy football. Thank you for your support and messages. "It's time to enjoy the game and achieve some goals this season," said the Uruguayan.
26-09-2020, 16:11
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