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25-09-2020, 14:12
They were shocked by the news of the rally, "the sugar of many has risen to the sky"
25-09-2020, 14:09
There is no better boy like Nikol, those who speak more or less are cut off from the lapaman. Survey in Yerevan
25-09-2020, 14:07
One of the infected passengers managed to take part in the requiem and spread the infection there as well.

YEREVAN, September 25 - Sputnik. The increase in the number of coronavirus infections in Armenia in recent days has been somewhat predictable in terms of seasonality, with the lifting of restrictions. Lusine Paronyan, Head of the Epidemiology Department of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the RA Ministry of Health, stated at today's press conference.

According to him, now crowded weddings and mourning ceremonies are held. Anti-epidemic rules are not properly observed, which leads to an increase in the number of infected people.
25-09-2020, 13:35
According to ArmLur.am, the situation in the NA "My Step" faction continues to be hot. The point is that the faction consisting of 88 people has started to have serious grievances for not taking their positions into account. After the election of the judges of the Constitutional Court, the situation became more tense and it can be said that the head of the faction Lilit Makunts and the secretary of the faction Hakob Simidyan had meetings-discussions with the dissatisfied deputies in their office.

According to our information, the last conversation on that topic was with Gayane Abrahamyan, a member of the "My Step" faction of the National Assembly, who informed the faction that she had thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that she should resign. And today an official announcement was made about it. According to our sources, the situation remains hot around Lusine Badalyan, a member of the "My Step" parliamentary faction. According to our information, the faction leadership had a conversation with Badalyan and stated that he was "under the influence" of Narek Zeynalyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs, moreover, that is why the latter often criticizes the RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan.

According to our sources, Lusine Badalyan's "cup of patience" has been filled because of such rumors, for which she intends to resign. According to our sources, Badalyan is still under discussion and has not yet made a final decision. Badalyan does not answer our phone calls.
25-09-2020, 13:33
Prime Minister Pashinyan negotiated with Ali on the capitulation of the Armenian side
25-09-2020, 13:32
Video ․ It turns out that Surenyan sings well
25-09-2020, 13:26
Significant change for students և for teachers ․ the cost will be reimbursed
25-09-2020, 12:44
Having a kindergarten was a priority for the villagers
25-09-2020, 12:44
One of the fans asked Silva Hakobyan in the Story section of Instagram whether she calls her mother-in-law "mom". In response, the singer posted a photo և wrote ․ "No, but I respect and love him like my mother."