» Vanetsyan's discovery and a major mistake

Vanetsyan's discovery and a major mistake

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Former NSS chief Arthur Vanetsyan made some interesting revelations during his well-known meeting with print media editors, while also making a big mistake.

1. Pashinyan stated that he does not know Serge Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan personally, he has known Michael Minasyan for a long time, had no friends with him, had normal contacts. “I last met him at the National Security Service, when he was the Director of the National Security Service, with Nikol Pashinyan's knowledge and assignment. Three people know about the content of the assignment - myself and two others who are not from my political team today. For other questions please contact them. I have had contacts with Ramzan Kadyrov, which I do not want to talk about in order not to jeopardize the possible plans that should be implemented for our country, "he said.