» Mr. Tsarukyan, You do not have information. Hayk Marutyan

Mr. Tsarukyan, You do not have information. Hayk Marutyan

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On live Public Television, Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan reflected on PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan's statement that Marutyan is impeding the construction of the hotel: “Mr. Tsarukyan, with all due respect, you are sorry, but you do not own the building because you own the hotel and the court suspended the construction as a means of securing the claim. The municipality has nothing to do here. It is up to the municipality to let all the unfinished buildings come to an end the day before and dust gets out of the city. "

Marutyan mentioned that Taron Margaryan allowed to build one floor, and they have already built three floors, that is, 2 floors are illegally constructed: that's normal, with no documents. "

Maruti also referred to the rumors that the PAP is operating in Abovyan with a social component and wants to do so in Yerevan, but Yerevan is not responding. “I told them to look at whether there is an application or not. Look no application. I contact Arman Abovyan and say that we do not have such an application. Write an application. They didn't write the application for a long time, and after writing we offered to meet, discuss the project, so far no response, disappear and disappear. ”