» "Governor Garik is lying". Babken Harutyunyan

"Governor Garik is lying". Babken Harutyunyan

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Babken Harutyunyan, Coordinator of the Yerevan Front Defense Initiative, wrote on his Facebook page: “Governor Garik is lying. Today Governor of Ararat Garik stated that Deputy Governor Artavazd Nazaretyan is not his wife, in fact, Garik's wife and Artavazd's wife are aunt's daughters.

Garik also lied about his aunt's daughter-in-law, Lilit Mirzakhanyan acting acting secretary general of the regional administration. As for his uncle's son, Garik confirmed that he is the assistant governor.

It turns out that Garik and his relatives occupy the top three positions in the regional administration. Garik has been repeatedly written about other relatives holding various positions. ”