» Nune Yesayan Gives Gift to New Government

Nune Yesayan Gives Gift to New Government

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The agenda of today's government session included 30 issues, 19 of which are unreported. After examining the unreported issues it became clear that, for example, one of them, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia, made a decision to hand over the land for free use.
It became clear from the project that the 3rd floor of the 1st building at 26a Tigran Mets street in Yerevan will be handed over with the right to use the "A. School after Khanjyan 53 primary schools ”to a state non-profit organization.

At the same time, we know from the draft decision that in 2013 the building of this tax was completely taken back. School after Khanjyan 53 primary schools "from state-owned non-profit organizations and handed over to the Nune Yesayan Charitable Non-Governmental Organization for 10 years, with the right to free use.

However, the decision was revoked due to the impossibility of carrying out the work envisaged by the business plan presented by Nune Yesayan Charitable Organization. And, after all, it was decided to return the area to school again.

To remind, in April 2013, when Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan was in office, a decision was made by the Nune Yesayan Charitable Foundation to allocate 500 square meters of the third floor of School N 53 in Yerevan.

At that time, the media reported that the singer had been keeping an eye on the area since Gagik Beglaryan's tenure.