» "I have retired. Samvel Alexanyan avoided journalists

"I have retired. Samvel Alexanyan avoided journalists

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For the first time in a year and a half, Alexanyan appeared before the public, but when he saw the reporters, he refused to talk about even the most enjoyable topics.

YEREVAN, October 24 - Sputnik. Former MP Samvel Alexanyan refused to speak to reporters today.

We are in working relations with the new authorities of Armenia. Samvel Karapetyan
Alexanyan is the owner of the largest commercial holding in Armenia. Prior to the "velvet revolution" he was a monopolist on sugar imports to the republic. After the change of power in April-May 2018, Alexanyan has been absent for a year and a half. But today the oligarch was present at the opening of the renovated "Victory" high-voltage substation, which is one of the key hubs in Yerevan. This 220-kV substation was renovated under the World Bank loan.

The opening was attended by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and energy officials, as well as several major businessmen, including Samvel Karapetyan (Tashir Group Holding Holder, Manager of Armenian Electric Networks).

It should be noted that after the "velvet revolution" Alexanyan's enterprises began to pay significantly more taxes. Sputnik Armenia tried to get his comment about it. But Alexanyan refused to even talk about such a nice topic.

“It is enough, it is enough. I have already retired, yes, ”he replied and stepped aside.
He was less talkative with other reporters. Turning on their backs, he quickly walked to his car.

Today's knight. Samvel Alexanyan awarded "Knight of Mantashyants" Gold Medal
Prior to the change of power, Alexanyan combined business with the Republican Party of Armenia (MP) mandate. He has resigned from his post following the December 2018 snap elections.

In the first half of 2018, its largest enterprises have paid a budget of about 10 billion drams, and in the first half of 2019 already over 13 billion.

Alexanyan is the owner of the largest commercial holding in Armenia, which includes Yerevan City supermarkets, as well as the import of food and alcohol. We also own Natalie's Pharmacy Network and Alex Textile Factory.