» Felix Tsolakyan misleads PM: Following Artak Nahapetyan's resignation

Felix Tsolakyan misleads PM: Following Artak Nahapetyan's resignation

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Felix Tsolakyan misleads PM: Art ...
Recently it became known that by the decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan Artak Nahapetyan has been dismissed from the post of Director of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Prior to this resignation, we wrote that passions in the Ministry of Emergency Situations were hot, as many were dissatisfied with Felix Tsolakyan's work.

Our ministry sources say that the head of the rescue service was dismissed at the request of Felix Tsolakyan. Former director of the rescue service Artak Nahapetyan, two deputy directors, heads of five provincial departments, heads of several departments of the rescue service have launched a petition against Minister Felix Tsolakyan's illegality and patronage. According to our source, before the petition was completed and the necessary facts would reach the Prime Minister, Tsolakyan was able to succeed Nahapetyan.

Tsolakyan apparently misled Prime Minister Pashinyan and did not provide the real reasons for the tense situation at the ministry. He was dismissed by the Prime Minister from his staff who opposed his arbitrary decisions.