» 'Government Earns Salary' Hayk Gevorgyan

'Government Earns Salary' Hayk Gevorgyan

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Hayk Gevorgyan, a member of the RA NA "My Step" faction, told Factor TV that the government with a budget of more than $ 1 billion has earned a salary increase.

“The important thing is that this is not done due to the reduction of funding in any other field, but rather due to the proper allocation of the salaries for those individuals. No other field is deprived of that money. As for secrecy, the Prime Minister further clarified that it is about internal procedures, when signing any decree or decision one should follow the procedure of signing that decision. Here, as far as I understand, is about protecting personal data. And the prime minister also said that the justice minister disagrees with those wording, and the lawyers agree, "the MP said.

He noted that if this had been the case in the past, he would have written very strict material. “Because we all knew that the ministers were not hoping for those salaries, they were working through completely different mechanisms, earning tens, hundreds, even thousands of times a lot of revenue, not legal. Of course, in some cases even legal, and in that case, budgetary salaries would get me excited. But in this case we are dealing with officials who do not have that income, they are managers, they only get a salary and they do not have any income. The situation is different, ”Gevorgyan said.

More details in the video.