» The Republicans did not understand anything

The Republicans did not understand anything

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RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov stated that Nikol Pashinyan would very much like to repeat Karen Karapetyan's tenure - a 10.7% increase in economic activity. And indeed, the 10.7% growth is a very impressive indicator. The only question that arises is why the Republican Party "cheated" on the Prime Minister with such a brilliant result and in April 2018 nominated Serzh Sargsyan as Prime Minister. What prevented Sargsyan from going to rest or partying while Karapetyan continued to serve as prime minister and secure double-digit growth? After all, the RPA was also indebted to him for the results of the parliamentary elections (true, those who distributed the bribe and fraud were still the main "business", but the "drive" of Karen Karapetyan's pre-election campaign also played a role).

The answer is obvious: the RPA was not particularly interested in economic growth, they were only concerned that "the road to power would pass Melik-Adamyan for a long time", the rules of the game established in the country would not change, they would continue to get rich with corruption schemes, and "jandam" "That the army is not fighting with the weapons of the 80s. Serzh Sargsyan, too, was delighted that he was able to change both the Constitution, promising not to assume the post of prime minister, and to "slap" Karen Karapetyan, using him as a key player in the campaign, and to take the major blow on them. teammates, comparing themselves to Bismarck, Charles de Gaulle or Churchill (as if they too often broke their promises).