» Tsarukyan's crushing blow to Pashinyan

Tsarukyan's crushing blow to Pashinyan

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The government has reached a point where it is crushingly criticized by even the most vulnerable subjects and objects. Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan criticized Pashinyan's team during a briefing with reporters in the National Assembly, especially regarding the processes taking place around the President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan. It is unacceptable for Gagik Tsarukyan to call NSS interrogation to the daughters of the President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan. “If there is crime, crime, illegality in any business, it is punishable. But let's just say that seeing my 16, 18-year-old daughter testify against her family is unacceptable to me. Today, the main issue is Tovmasyan, no problem, let them present a crime, let it be a crime that he committed a crime, we are all in favor, let him punish. But for me, as an Armenian, a family man, seeing a 16-year-old girl being summoned for interrogation and some abuse is unacceptable to me, ”he said.
Referring to the fact that their faction did not participate in the initiative of the NA "My Step" faction to abolish Hrayr Tovmasyan's powers, Tsarukyan said that they did not participate because they saw no legal basis in it and considered their participation senseless.
"You saw that he went to the Constitutional Court and was rejected from there, because of that people should not be in a bad situation, people should have their position, understand, not put their teammates in an awkward situation," he said.
Does Tsarukyan consider Hrayr Tovmasyan a legitimate president? "What is it that is not legitimate? Who says that? Let them justify it. It is not legitimate. And let's say it is not legitimate, but who today brought up that question, put it, presented it. We say we are ready, see, discuss, see it is not legitimate, we will also be for it, but nowadays everyone is saying something empty, confusing everyone as if he is the hero of that movie or the one who offers it now. " , he is completely exposing the government. Whoever, by the way, is himself under the control of the government. Criminal cases have been initiated against his Multi Group Director Sedrak Arustamyan, his close relative, MP Eduard Babayan and others around him. But Tsarukyan seems to understand that the show-to-judge-shutdown will continue for a long time, and as the saying goes, the camel will also knock on its door. Keeping silent about illegal processes today will mean opening up new illegalities.

According to the PAP leader, detainees will generally be held accountable. “If they do it baseless, they will one day answer. Life goes on, people need to fully realize their positions, properly use their powers. If there is a crime, everything is normal, and if there is no crime, the one who does it will answer. "
Tsarukyan noted that in 2018 Hrayr Tovmasyan has become a member of the Constitutional Court in the same manner as Nikol Pashinyan has become Prime Minister, Mirzoyan has become NA Deputy Prime Minister.
The PAP leader is unaware of the announcements that Gagik Harutyunyan was forced to resign early for Tovmasyan to be elected.

Tsarukyan also did not bypass the attitude and arrogance of the authorities towards the opposition: “Everyone was thinking that there was a revolution, that the Armenians of the world would come in the morning, and put the money. But all of this must understand what it takes to invest, not just empty words, but a law and a condition that must be fully adopted, given the opportunity to a person, not to bring some acquaintance with a paper, to be taxed. That way the economy cannot grow. They used to say, 'Look, they will be in line for investment, corruption will be eliminated, but 70% of the investment is not going to be made, looking again, with friends and relatives, you want to set an example,' ”Tsarukyan said.
He noted that the issues they raised were rejected. “They are all talented, ours refuse. There is no experience in them, no one has laid a stone in his life, today he is walking beside Nikol Pashinyan, the positions are given. This is not going to be the country. It is necessary to fully look at who has the money in this field, who has worked effectively, Mr. Pashinyan should make such a decision, ”he added.
Gagik Tsarukyan also laughed openly. “Look at the real life of any sector leader, the way he went, the way he did it. They can be assistants, advisers. Let them look from side to side, learn. With this approach, there will be no economic revolution. ”

Ani Sahakyan