» Sarkisian Hydropower Plant Looks Good New Armenia Dual Standards

Sarkisian Hydropower Plant Looks Good New Armenia Dual Standards

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In 2019, with the permission of the National Assembly, the government decided to increase the volume of irrigation water from Lake Sevan in 2019 by 170 million cubic meters. It was later stated that this volume had not been fully utilized and the abstraction had been stopped earlier than planned on the ground of necessity. Recently, however, there have been reports in the media that abstraction from Lake Sevan is continuing. Relevant agencies have not denied this information. Today, the Chairman of the Water Committee in the National Assembly described the phenomena of raising and lowering the Sevan level as strange. Prior to that, the water committee had insisted that we had not removed one gram of water since September 24, but the lake had dropped to 3 cm. However, this is explained by winds and evaporation.
This summer, as Lake Sevan greened, public debate on lake issues resumed, including the issue of small hydropower plants on the Arpa-Sevan tunnel and the Yeghegis River. Environmentalists have for years doubted that the HPPs built on the river would be fed by Lake Sevan water, providing profits to their owners. And who are the owners? Although HPPs in the area are known as "Sashik HPPs", 50% of the company's share is officially registered under Narek Sargsyan. He is the son of President Serzh Sargsyan's other brother, former ambassador Levon Sargsyan. "Mina-Maya" LLC built two HPPs on Yeghegis. The first HPP built on Yeghegis is Yeghegis-1. The area is known as the former MP Hakob Hakobyan's HPP. The controlling stake in this SHPP was for the Jacobian Brothers. Former officials Khajak and Suren Karayan also own the HPP. The next HPP on Yeghegis River, Goghtanik, is operated by HNMS LLC, a 100% shareholder of which is Hayk Hrant Suvaryan, who is the husband of former Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan's daughter. Suvaryan created the company in 2011, when Tigran Sargsyan was prime minister.
By the way, it was once thought that without Serge Sargsyan's consent no one could build the HPP. It was, after all, a sponsored business. Today this business seems to be closing its eyes again, at least if there are hints and concerns already at the level of the water committee chairman, then it really is not something.
Is it possible in new Armenia that the business of one of Serzh Sargsyan's brothers or one of the prominent representatives of the former government will flourish, at a time when these officials have been accused of robbing the country for 30 years and illegally enriching it? And maybe in the case of hydropower plants, as in the case of mines, there are some shadow arrangements, and those who are paid can continue to get rich today, endangering Sevan…