» Shame on US Legislature with Daniel Ioannisyan and Arsen Kharatyan (video)

Shame on US Legislature with Daniel Ioannisyan and Arsen Kharatyan (video)

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The US Congress Helsinki Committee is made up of 9 congressmen and 9 senators. Only two congressmen from the committee, Mark Weiss and Robert Aderholt, were present at the meeting in the empty hall. He was present for about 10 minutes and left. As a special guest, Congressman Jackie Spier and Frank Pallone attended. Jack Spiere has also left 10 minutes to insist on Donald Trump's impeachment hearings.

Armenian Ambassador to Armenia Varuzhan Nersisyan (former aide to Serzh Sargsyan) was present at the meeting. Arsen Kharatyan thanked the US for noting that there would be no revolution in Armenia without the support of that country and any anti-Russian figures would have envied Daniel Ioannisyan's speech. As for MP Hamazasp Danielyan, the latter was so excited about his revolutionary image that congressman Weiss had to call on him to be a little cautious and short-tempered.

Prior to the commencement of the hearings, the VETO movement contacted the office of Senator Wicker, chairman of the committee. We presented the senator with evidence of Kharatyan's and Ioannisyan's urgency, asking him to refrain from meeting and not allow other congressmen to participate in the discussion. As a result, there were more reporters than hearers, and we consider the hearings to be failed.


"It would be very useful if the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or other US law enforcement agencies share their experience and teach Armenian law enforcement, since such training is very useful for post-Soviet countries."

This statement made by Daniel Ioannisyan in the US Congress yesterday raises many questions, especially when the high-ranking Armenian diplomat, the Armenian Ambassador to the US, was sitting next to Daniel at the US Congress.

1. Does this statement have anything to do with Armenia's foreign policy?

2. If not, with what mandate did the US Congress try to represent the prominent Soros in the US Congress?

3. Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approve of Soros Daniel's invitation to invite the FBI to Armenia?

4. By whose mandate is Ioannisyan organizing FBI training for Armenian law enforcement?

5. At whose expense was the flight and stay of the Soros in the United States?

These and many other issues need to be clarified through the media.
Thank you
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