» 'Political opposition uses my active activities against my husband' Anna Hakobyan

'Political opposition uses my active activities against my husband' Anna Hakobyan

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RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan wrote on her Facebook page: “There is still no perception in Armenia that the Prime Minister's wife should be active as I am now. It is very difficult because I am under constant pressure. I know that people love and appreciate the work that I do. I see this in my daily contacts with people. I often visit different towns and villages and witness the warmth of people. But the political opposition is using my activism against my husband in order to harm her because there is still a tendency in Armenia that "it's too bad that your wife is active" or "maybe you're not that good a husband the woman is active ”or“ your wife should stay at home with the children ”and so on. And they use these stereotypes to hurt my husband. It is very difficult to continue working under this pressure, but I continue to work because I believe in women, I believe in my work, and I believe in the role I have today. I don't want to give up because it's not right. My perception is that my husband is prime minister, and he is in a difficult situation right now because it is very difficult to govern the country. I am sure that governing each country is difficult, but Armenia has its own peculiarities - historical, geographical and so on. And my point is that I can't stay home to continue my life when my husband has a lot of work to do. And if I am half of him, then I must help him, my children, my society, and my country. Yes, it is difficult, but we have difficult times in our lives, and I am convinced that this is just one of them. "