» NSS staff speak to 'strikers' in Gyumri

NSS staff speak to 'strikers' in Gyumri

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The journalists waited for three hours at the Gyumri locomotive depot, but the strikers did not go out to meet them.

YEREVAN, October 23 - Sputnik. National Security Service officials met with the drivers who went on strike in Gyumri.

“They came to speak of 'mere mortals' to finish all this. But we have demanded a salary increase and we are waiting for the answer, "the drivers who went on strike told Sputnik Armenia, not wanting to report further.
It should be noted that the employees of the South Caucasus Railways company went on strike and informed mass media representatives that they will be in the territory of the Gyumri locomotive depot and are waiting for the journalists.

However, the journalists have not been able to meet with the strikers. They have not left the depot area, and the journalists themselves cannot enter it because it is a specially protected area of ​​strategic importance and access to outsiders is prohibited.

Recall that demanding a 30% salary increase, the drivers went on strike on October 22 from the second half of the day, as a result of which no cargo and passenger transportation was carried out in the directions Yerevan-Gyumri, Gyumri-Yerevan. The Yerevan-Tbilisi train has not been put into operation either.

SCR CJSC is a subsidiary of Russian Railways OJSC and is in charge of concession management of Armenia's rail system. According to 2008 The term of the concession management agreement signed in Yerevan on February 13 is 30 years with the right to extend the contract by mutual agreement for another 10 years.