» "The whole truth about the circumstances of Arthur Sargsyan's death" bread-maker "

"The whole truth about the circumstances of Arthur Sargsyan's death" bread-maker "

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Former NA Vice Speaker Arpine Hovhannisyan wrote on her Facebook page:


And so… the time has come for the next MUCH to extinguish itself. This is not an ordinary PB record to think about writing short or long; this is a sad story that needs to be told in the end in all its details.

Yesterday Gevorg Kostanyan opened some brackets on the occasion of the press release, but it's time to say what many of you don't know.

For three years, I was accused of acting as an incumbent and later as a former Minister of Justice. In Sargsyan's death, though I had occasion to explain that I had zero regard for his ARREST, ARREST, and, of course, even DEATH. Shant Harutyunyan's son Shahen, who was one of the first to demand my resignation, three days later withdrew from the claim, realizing that I had nothing to do with the case. Later, the boy's righteousness allowed him to tell the truth, even after the change of power, when it was so easy to associate everything with the former. Again, I thank him for that.
But that did not stop many of the angels, the lost, the mirror of morality, and the death coinage from continuing the disgusting process of collecting Likes on the charge of death. At various stages I have been silent for various reasons, believing that the truth will lead to its coming, and that everyone will understand that I am NOT a mortal lord at all, that I sleep at night, not because I am cynical, but as a cynic.
After the change of power, I was also calm and confident, as Nikol Pashinyan was a direct claimant of this issue, in the opinion of the question, in his opinion, he had heard the names of the culprits from the NA podium, near the entrance of the Prosecutor General's Office and other places. But when several deputies in power (fakes and bots, especially) began to reiterate the accusation, I realized that not only did they not read anything and were unfamiliar with their leader's ideas, they were not even instructed to maintain elementary morals and not to blame the man.
It's time to introduce some familiar and unknown facts and close this topic. At the same time, I emphasize in particular: I have no intention of justifying or convincing or believing in anything, but I am going to state the facts and circumstances.