» Mother of juvenile accused of killing policeman stabs her son for "upbringing"

Mother of juvenile accused of killing policeman stabs her son for "upbringing"

Просмотры: 1961
Hrach Galstyan, a minor, was shot dead. He is now in the Abovyan Penitentiary and his brother in Armavir.

The situation in Proshyan village is not surprising either: the boys have long been distinguished.

"If we were good, treated well, I wouldn't let my child develop and be judged today," said one woman from Proshyants.

Moreover, before the incident, police had already sent a letter to the community in September to keep the family in the spotlight. Hrach then hit his brother with a knife, and his mother hit Sarkis on the head with an ashtray.

Susanna Gabrielyan, Chairwoman of the Proshyan Community Care and Trusteeship Committee said: "We had an extraordinary session a few days before the incident, and the whole family was invited. No one showed up. The issue of improving their health would be discussed here. ”

Prior to that, the commission had fixed a special act: the same Hrach and his younger brother, Norayr, begged, the house and yard were garbage dumps, children were neglected and posed a danger to society. Susanna Gabrielyan says Hrach also had mental problems; "We were taken to a psychiatric hospital where he had fled," he said.

The child's mother, Rita Galstyan, knows everyone in Proshyan, she is busy collecting stuff from the Sokhovi landfill. He was in prison for stabbing his own son Hrach for "educational" purposes; "I hit my heart for three years. I took 15 quarts, he was cured, so I was convicted. I told her to be afraid, not to repeat that thing again. "

After the incident, the boys went to the orphanage, the mother to prison, returned, demanded and returned the boys to court. Then it is clear that the boys have been murdered by robbery and begging for the day before the night of the murder.

The question could have been closed if Rita Galstyan had no other two underage children - 12-year-old Gohar and 9-year-old Norayr, both of whom were not in school.

The girl had a world of washing.