» Martin Mkrtchyan has been arrested

Martin Mkrtchyan has been arrested

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Wonderful singer Martin Mkrtchyan is also a wonderful father.

Martin and his wife Hripsime were hosted at the private house of "Amaras" head Vika Martirosyan in Nork.

During the wonderful entertainment the children had fun, and for a moment they arrested Martin.

Mkrtchyan was in serious trouble ․ He was kneeling on the ground under serious and terrifying threats.

A weapon was placed on the singer's head. Martin was really in a nightmare ․ The feelings testified to that.

Let's not forget that Martin Mkrtchyan was a wonderful artist, the whole performance was made to entertain the children.

He was arrested by his son Loe, and Vika's son was kinder and controlled the situation from a distance.

The weapon was also very serious, armed with water bullets.