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By the order of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country's prosecutor's office has started the process of depriving Karo Paylan, an Armenian member of the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party of Turkey, of his immunity. The deputy confirmed the news in a conversation with Tert.am.

"By the order of the President of Turkey, certain actions have been launched against our party. "Unfortunately, some of my friends are in prison and now they want to sentence seven deputies, so they are depriving them of their immunity," he said.

Earlier, Tert.am reported that the Ankara Prosecutor General's Office announced on September 25 that it had begun the process of depriving 7 pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party deputies of their immunity, who were members of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Executive Council during the events in Kobani.

It is known that the list includes MPs Karo Paylan, Saruhan Oluch, Meral Danisht Beshtash, Huda Kayan, Cezay Temelli and Serpil Kemalbay.

According to Karo Paylan, next week the Turkish parliament will begin work, during which the issue of depriving him of immunity will be discussed. "Unfortunately, the parliament is controlled by Erdogan. If he ordered it to be done, then we would lose our immunity," he said.

The post-Armenian MP noted that many people in Turkey are fighting against Erdogan, all of them need international tolerance. "I know that millions of Armenians around the world support me. "Of course I need their help. We really need international tolerance to fight the Erdogan regime," he said.