» Pashinyan is offended by Ali and goes to "old Natasha"

Pashinyan is offended by Ali and goes to "old Natasha"

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Pashinyan is offended by Ali and goes to "Parvab ...
Yesterday, President Ali Ադրբեջանի of Azerbaijan addressed the UN General Assembly. The 8 pages of his 14-page speech were dedicated to Armenia. Ali even remembered the injustice in the prisons of Armenia. It is clear that in this way Ali is trying to present his dictatorial system in a better light. What a word Ali was able to use the UN rostrum, which unfortunately the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan did not do.

The Prime Minister of Armenia, who has set records of gossip inside the country, is very modest in the international arena. Pashinyan's speech was 4 pages և so toothless that it can even be read on behalf of Armenia that it would be a polyclinic nurse and certainly more influential.

Pashinyan, in fact, does not respond to Azerbaijan's accusations on international platforms. It seems that he is afraid of the revelations promised by Ali. The Prime Minister, who did not answer Ali's anti-Armenian speech at the UN rostrum, continues to be targeted by the domestic audience - this is the reason why he will answer Petros Ghazaryan's questions on Public TV in the evening. For days, the Azeris have been announcing secret talks, handing over the territories promised by Pashinyan, and instead of holding a press conference to answer journalists' questions, including sharp questions, he goes to a state TV station to lie to the public once again.