» The dismissed Deputy Minister of KGMS made a statement

The dismissed Deputy Minister of KGMS made a statement

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Former Deputy Minister of KGMS Grisha Tamrazyan referred to the reasons for his resignation and thanked him for working during these months.

"Dear compatriots, I inform you that I have made a decision to resign from the post of RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science. Throughout my conscious life, I have fought for justice, for principles I have never betrayed. It is these principles that made me take this step, because I am convinced that our struggle was not against, but for. For the sake of building a strong state based on our national values, for the sake of justice, for the sake of a dignified life for our citizens, for the sake of quality education based on national values, for the sake of having a competitive world-class sport.
I do not think that in order to achieve that goal, it was necessary to give up everything that has happened before, including the achievements that have been made through the efforts of many of our compatriots over the past 29 years. For me, the history of the Armenian people does not start in 2018.
But I am not one of those who give up; the struggle for the values ​​that are unchanged for me will continue. This is a kind of struggle.

I thank all the professionals I have been lucky enough to work with over the last two years: the staff of the Ministry of Education and Science, the rectors of universities, all the beneficiaries of education, the representatives of the sports world, my very dear athletes. We wish everyone good health, fruitful work for the future of our state, and a dignified life for the citizens. "