» 392 2 2 new deaths from coronavirus infection

392 2 2 new deaths from coronavirus infection

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The RA Ministry of Health informs. "As of 11:00 on September 25, a total of 48,643 cases of coronavirus disease have been confirmed, of which 43,401 have recovered and 947 have died. 4002 patients are currently receiving coronavirus treatment. A total of 276077 tests were performed.

Thus, 3842 tests were performed yesterday, from which 392 new cases of coronavirus disease were confirmed. We have 135 healthy.

Regarding the deaths, we report that the patients were men aged 73 և 84 years. The latter had accompanying chronic diseases.

The previous day, there was one case of death when a patient was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, but died of another illness. The total number of such cases is 293. "