» Secret talks between Ali և Pashinyan և և The envoy was Arsen Kharatyan

Secret talks between Ali և Pashinyan և և The envoy was Arsen Kharatyan

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The Azerbaijani "Hakkin-Jaz" news agency published an article, in which it is particularly said that the Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan և the President of Azerbaijan Ali վար held secret talks ․ "2018. In July-August, a few months after Nikol Pashinyan, the leader of the Color Revolution, came to power, one of his associates, one of the supporters of the main driving force of the revolution, the Civil Pact bloc, Arsen Kharatyan, turned to Azerbaijani government sources to start direct talks. At that time A. Kharatyan was no longer the Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Adviser; he managed to establish himself as the head of a Soros-funded NGO in Tbilisi. During the meeting with the representative of the government of Azerbaijan in the territory of one of the European countries A. Kharatyan openly stated that he represents Pashinyan, who is a supporter of a new, qualitatively high level of negotiations, and is ready to come to a serious model based on a new model of settlement. A. Kharatyan N. On behalf of Pashinyan, he said that the new government of Armenia expresses readiness to accept the step-by-step settlement program adopted by Ter-Petrosyan's government, which was overthrown by Robert Kocharyan in the late 1990s, as a basis for negotiations.