» Referendum Will Not Take Place; 3 options

Referendum Will Not Take Place; 3 options

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The decision of the Constitutional Court (Constitutional Court) to resolve the issue by referendum is surprising. This is a confession that Hrayr Tovmasyan's resignation or the dissolution of the Constitutional Court is a major issue for Nikol Pashinyan today, as he did not take such a step on many other issues, such as in Amulsar's case, when there was a need to overthrow and cast the "people". . If we thought months ago that the reason was Robert Kocharyan's trial, then I think there is no such mentality.

Even the issue of Kocharyan's arrest now does not have the sound that Nikol Pashinyan is taking for illegal, unconstitutional steps. Apparently, in this case, the pledge is much heavier, and only the Artsakh issue can obviously have much more value. After all, any negotiated international treaty must receive the ratification of the Constitutional Court, and Nikol Pashinyan assumes that this constitutional court, which does not obey it, will not give its consent.