» Hitler's blood; Which blood group did the blood of the German leader consider himself so unique?

Hitler's blood; Which blood group did the blood of the German leader consider himself so unique?

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Adolf Hitler, an established politician in German history and world history who considered himself unique in every respect. Recently, researchers decided to finally figure out which blood group belonged to a famous German who considered himself so unique and special.

Japanese scientists have recently announced that the blood of a person is also highly influenced by a person's personality. Often it is this component that also touches upon the character of prominent politicians, and not just Hitler.

Throughout history, many studies of Hitler's blood have been made based on his personal physician records, which also characterize Hitler's blood. Building on that group, a group of researchers asserted that Hitler's blood group was number 1, that is to say, the famous German leader had fairly rare blood, but many historians disagreed.

They said that the blood group was Hitler's second, and his doctor was attributing it to Hitler's blood group. Another group of researchers decided to study the bunker where Hitler spent the last hours of his life, but things got more complicated when theories began to emerge that the suicide was not really Hitler, so it is impossible to find out through this person the real Hitler. blood type.

Everything changed after research by one of the researchers, Toshitaka Nomi. Nomi assured us that it is indeed possible for a person to easily identify his or her blood group, because each blood group has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other blood groups.

He assured that Hitler's blood group simply could not be number one. People with the 1st blood group are extremely well-balanced and have the inherent qualities of good governance that enable them to maintain their power to the end and stay positive in history.

Hitler had none of these qualities. Toshitic noted that Hitler was characterized by all the negative traits of the 2nd blood group: power, the ability to draw horrible plans, obscenity, imbalance, and ultimately vengeance and vengeance. These are all possible negative traits that people with type 2 blood can have.

The Japanese asserted that Hitler seemed to be the embodiment of all possible negative traits of the 2nd blood group, so there is no doubt that Adolf Hitler had the 2nd negative blood.